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We are pleased to offer the following services to help you find the solutions you need. From initial ideation to the development process to finishing touches, We work with our clients closely each step of the way. Keep in mind that each service can be completely customized to your project and needs to ensure the most successful outcome.

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Workshops Services

Unlock your creativity with our customizable workshops led by Tarcila Neves.


Designed for artists and individuals at all skill levels, our workshops cover a wide range of topics, including traditional art, digital content creation, animation, video production, music, and marketing.

Whether you're looking to enhance your artistic skills or learn how to use technology for your own projects, we offer personalized sessions that empower you to create and innovate. Join us to explore various art forms and discover new ways to express your creativity.

Grants Consultation

Navigating the world of art grants can be challenging.


Tarcila Neves offers expert consultation services to help artists secure funding for their projects.


With a deep understanding of the grant application process, Tarcila provides personalized guidance, from identifying suitable grants to crafting compelling proposals, ensuring you have the best chance of success.

Art Installations

Transform spaces with stunning art installations by Tarcila Neves. Specializing in both traditional and digital mediums, Tarcila creates immersive installations that captivate and engage audiences.


Whether for galleries, public spaces, or private collections, her installations are designed to make a lasting impact and bring artistic visions to life.

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